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    “Do? Bury ’em, my dear, in a corner of the garden — hide ’em away out of sight! I wish you could get the memory out of people’s minds as easily. OUR supper-party will be the talk of Buddlecombe for many a day to come!”
    “Yes, but WHO?”
    “What? Do you mean to say you’ve actually ——?”


    1.Something in his father’s voice — grave, measured, tender — got at the baby, though the words went over his head. And then Mahony saw what he long remembered: a fight for self-control extraordinary in one so young. The black eyes filled; the little mouth twitched and trembled. But the child swallowed hard in an attempt to keep back his tears. And when at last they broke through, he turned and hid his face against his father’s coat. Not, Mahony felt sure, seeking there either comfort or sympathy. Merely that his distress might be unobserved. Taking in his own the two little hands, which were locked in each other, Mahony drew them apart. Both palms were red and sore-looking, and no doubt still tingled hotly. The child had hurt himself most of all.
    3.“Your doin’, doctor . . . all thanks to you. Jake took the pledge that time you know of, and never ‘as ‘e broke it since, no matter where ‘e is or in ‘oos company.” She actually laid her pudgy hand on Mahony’s and gave it a warm squeeze.
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